Accession Number : ADP003370

Title :   The INS Enclosed Space Detector (ESD) Program,


Personal Author(s) : Frankel,H. D.

Report Date : JUN 1981

Pagination or Media Count : 6

Abstract : Since 1974 the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) of the Department of Justice have been investigating the feasibility of automatically and reliably detecting the presence of people concealed in the enclosed spaces of vehicles and rooms. The investigation is based on using a transducer such as a geophone to pick up heartbeat signals generated by a human as they are coupled into the floors, and walls enclosing spaces. A laboratory model ESD-1, of a detector for use against small-mass vehicles (less than 6000 lbs) was fabricated and tested in 1978 and found to be quite effective: 95% reliable. However, it was found that greater capability was needed in noise suppression if the technique were to be successful in the larger masses of tractor-trailers, railroad cars, and rooms of buildings. The current 12-month study seeks to fabricate a laboratory model ESD-2, of a detector demonstrating large-mass capability and to analyze novel technique for performing in noisy large-mass enclosures.

Descriptors :   *Behavior, *Security, *Detectors, Surveillance, Heart rate, Detection, Reliability, Symposia

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