Accession Number : ADP003379

Title :   Behavioral Science: Events Outside the Skin,


Personal Author(s) : Wallach,C.

Report Date : JUN 1981

Pagination or Media Count : 12

Abstract : In this decade, behavioral scientists will be developing a much greater awareness of the psychological and metabolic effects of environmental factors on human task performance. It has long been recognized that people remain alert and work better within certain ranges of temperature, humidity, and illumination; it has become evident that there are also critical ranges of electromagnetic fields and atmospheric ion balance which have an impact, varying from subtle to dramatic, on human capacity to function in critical tasks. There is much to be learned about the mechanism of these effects. Since they vary widely from one individual to another with age, stress, health, and biological reaction time, we are also faced with the more immediate necessity of learning either how to provide all personnel with optimum working environments, or discovering the best means of discriminating between environmentally labile and stable individuals in making assignment selections afor duty in critical or stressful environments. We have outlined recent accomplishments, near-term objectives, and potential applications of new ionic and aeroelectrostatic developments across a broad spectrum of military and civil requirements. We think that many of you will be able to identify with some of the problems and solutions discussed here.

Descriptors :   *Behavior, *Security, *Environments, Performance(Human), Air, Ions, Electrostatics, Sensitivity, Personnel, Health, Symposia

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