Accession Number : ADP003469

Title :   An Approach to a Standardized Simulator Data Base,


Personal Author(s) : Hoog,T. W. ; Stengel,J. D. , Jr. ; Nicol,M. R.

Report Date : 16 NOV 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : The current trend in user requirements for data bases to support visual, sensor, and radar simulation for training is toward real-world data bases that cover large geographic areas. The production of these data bases is an expensive process and typically each; new system develops new data base generation software, along with a data base itself, to meet its own specific needs. The objective of Project 2851 is to develop a DoD standard simulator data base and common transformation software to support all simulator training devices requiring the use of digital topographic data. The DoD standard simulator data base will provide a common source of digital data that will be specifically compiled to meet training objectives and which will minimize the need to enhance Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) data during the data base need to enhance Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) data during the data base generation/transformation process for each individual simulator system. The goal of the common transformation program is to reduce the amount of system unique software for each simulator system. It will promote a greater degree of data base and software compatibility among the many DoD simulator systems. The results of the project should be improved simulator training capability at reduced development, acquisition, and life cycle costs to the Government.

Descriptors :   *Data bases, *Simulators, *Computer programs, *Computerized simulation, Training devices, Standardization, Digital systems, Topography, Transformations, Mapping, Military requirements

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