Accession Number : ADP003482

Title :   Fiber Optic Helmet Mounted Display: A Cost Effective Approach to Full Visual Flight Simulation,


Personal Author(s) : Hanson,C. L.

Report Date : 16 NOV 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 7

Abstract : Wide field of view, high resolution, detailed visual displays are cruical for the effective simulation of complex air-to-air and air-to-ground combat environments. Current dome and dodecahedron systems are far to costly and lack the combination of required capabilities. The Air Force Human Resources Laboratory (AFHRL) is currently developing a fiber optic helmet mounted display (FOHMD) system which has the potential for filling these demanding requirements. The breadboard FOHMD, built through a Canadian cost-sharing contract with CAE Electronics, displays a head-slaved high resolution area of interest surrounded by a low resolution background in color. The instantaneous field of view is comparable to the view available to a pilot when wearing an Air Force helmet. Four image generation channels and projectors are used to generate individual displays for each eye. The imagery is piped to the helmet via coherent fiber optic bundles. This system is a valuable research tool for studying many of the issues associated with helmet mounted displays such as image stability, resolution/brightness/field of view trade-offs, and visual perception/fatigue.

Descriptors :   *Helmet mounted displays, *Flight simulation, Fiber optics, Line of sight, Wide angles, High resolution, Simulation, Warfare, Air to air, Air to surface, Pilots, Vision, Image processing, Image projectors, Brightness, Visual perception, Fatigue(Physiology), Breadboard models, Flight simulators

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