Accession Number : ADP003486

Title :   Data Base Management of Software Development,


Personal Author(s) : Schwing,R. L.

Report Date : 16 NOV 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 5

Abstract : The incessant increase in computational power provided by microelectronics has not begun to be matched by corresponding improvements in software productivity. This now trite observation has especially pernicious implications in the Weapon/Mission simulator field, where massive developments of demanding, new, real-time software in relatively short time spans are a way of life. This paper describes a new, comprehensive approach to satisfy this need: a software development environment which relates the total set of information relevant to the software product through data base management techniques. The main elements of the concept include: (1) Organization of the simulator (software and hardware) into a hierarchical framework, clearly separating functions so that top-down design and modularization will be substantially easier. (2) Arrangement of all types of product information -- from specificatins, through requirements and designs, to code itself -- in an engineering data base patterned exactly upon the hierarchical framework in l above. (3) Merging of management status information and configuration control data into the same framework. (4) Provision of a coherent set of tools to connect all elements of the data base for development, control, and management purposes.

Descriptors :   *Data bases, *Data management, *Computer programming, Computations, Microelectronics, Computer programs, Productivity, Weapons, Missions, Simulators, Real time, Organizations, Management, Policies, Configuration management, Modular construction

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