Accession Number : ADP003488

Title :   Software Progress Tracking System,


Personal Author(s) : Moriarity,T. M.

Report Date : 16 NOV 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 7

Abstract : A software progress tracking system which uses an earned point scheme has been successfully used to monitor software development on several large simulator programs. Points are assigned for each step in the software development cycle on a per element basis. The steps are hard milestones in which a generated product is accepted by program management. As the products are accepted the associated points are earned. The ratio of earned points to total possible points is compiled on an element, functional area, or total software system basis to determine progress achieved. A report generator program usually resident on the simulator computational system, tabulates the data in a variety of management reports. The system as implemented is flexible, highly automated, and is closely coupled to configuration management systems and software quality assuracne procedures to ensure validity of data. The accumulated point values are quickly ascertained, objective, and based on the point values provide an accurate measure of progress, deviation from schedule, and prediction of future progress.

Descriptors :   *Computer programming, *Computer program reliability, Computer programs, Tracking, Monitoring, Computerized simulation, Cycles, Quality assurance, Acceptability, Ratings, Automation, Configuration management, Computer program verification, Performance(Human), Measurement, Data acquisition, Reports

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