Accession Number : ADP003502

Title :   Computer Analysis of Phased Array Far-Field Patterns for Non-Symmetrical Feed Networks,


Personal Author(s) : Schroeder,K. G.

Report Date : MAR 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 27

Abstract : Increased power in the main lobe of a transmit array (or, conversely, increased signal-to-noise ratio in a receive array) is possible by reducing the energy contained in the sidelobes. While this also reduces the peak gain of the major lobe (main beam), it increases the overall array 'main beam efficiency', because no energy is lost in directions other than the desired ones. Also, there is a genreal goal in radar and communications systems to minimize sidelobes for the purpose of minimizing interference and jamming. In order to achieve a low sidelobe structure with minimal feed loss, a number of techniques are available in the microwave region such as the tapered-excitation slot array.

Descriptors :   *Phased arrays, *Far field, *Radar antennas, *Antenna feeds, *Computer applications, Signal to noise ratio, Communication equipment, Jamming, Sidelobes, Networks, Low level, Asymmetry, Feeding, Patterns, Peak values, Gain, Arrays, Radar, Losses

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