Accession Number : ADP003599

Title :   Mechanical Control Technology Development: Conceptual Development of Methods for Determining Effectiveness of Control Techniques,


Personal Author(s) : Sabol,B. M.

Report Date : JUN 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : From the time a real or potential aquatic plant infestation problems is identified to the time control measures are selected and implemented, information and data on the infestation condition must be obtained and assimilated, and decisions must be made in regard to the operational control program. If a potentially troublesome aquatic plant infestation, such as the discovery of hydrilla in a previously uninfested water body, is identified but the conditions are such that it is below the nuisance level, one must determine what treatment, if any, should be used. If the aquatic plant infestation is already at nuisance levels, the specific nature of the problem must be defined by determining what uses of the water body are being impeded. There is a need to determine at what level of control the infestation would no longer interfere with these uses and this in essence becomes the tentative treatment goal. The next step is to determine what treatment technique to apply (and to what degree) to achieve the goal. The most commonly used means of determining this is through reliance on personal experience since there is no objective procedure for comparing candidate control techniques and treatment levels based on environmental conditions. One normally selects a specific technique and treatment level, and then proceeds with the control operation. The subjectively observed results of the applied treatments are added to one's personal experience.

Descriptors :   *Weed control, *Aquatic plants, Symposia, Data acquisition, Decision making, Aquatic weeds, Planning, Methodology, Cost effectiveness, Research management, Chemicals, Control, Biological weed control, Removal, Computerized simulation, Operational effectiveness

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