Accession Number : ADP003600

Title :   Biological Control Technology Development: An Overview, Including Summary of Large-Scale Operations Management Test (LSOM) with Insects and Pathogens in Louisiana,


Personal Author(s) : Sanders,D. R. , Sr

Report Date : JUN 1984

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Abstract : Large Scale Operations Management Test (LSOMT) revealed that insect biocontrol agents, particularly Neochetina eichhorniae, are effective tools for the management of waterhyacinth, and that they are capable of effecting a reduction in the size of the plant populations. The result is significant, long-term, economical aquatic plant management. However, it is unlikely that the biocontrol agents will effectively eliminate the need for herbicidal control of waterhyacinth in Louisiana due to the rapid regrowth potential of waterhyacinth, the intimate relationship between the insect agents and waterhyacinth that results in the abundance of waterhyacinth acting as a controlling influence on the size of the insect populations, and the continuing need to rapidly eliminate nuisance populations of waterhyacinths from high-use areas.

Descriptors :   *Biological weed control, *Aquatic plants, Test methods, Management, Research management, Insects, Pathogenic microorganisms, Water hyacinth, Aquatic weeds, Surveys, Sampling, Operational effectiveness, Symposia, Louisiana

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