Accession Number : ADP003662

Title :   Nonstationary Random Response of Nonlinear Structures to Nonstationary Random Excitation,


Personal Author(s) : To,C. W. S.

Report Date : 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 10

Abstract : For safety and economical reasons, the nonstationarity of excitation and response and nonlinearities of structures such as tall buildings, buildings that house nuclear reactors, naval and aerospace structures, and their components must be considered by the designers. This paper begins with an update review of the state of the art of techniques used for the random analysis of the response of general multi-degree-of-freedom (MDF) nonlinear mechanical systems to random excitation. Special attention is paid on methods applied to MDF non-linear systems subjected to nonstationary random excitation. Their suitability to finite element analysis of complicated nonlinear structures with large deformation of finite strain is discussed. Then a new formulation for the analysis of response of discretized symmetric and asymmetric nonlinear structures, involving elastoplastic deformation, subjected to nonstationary random excitation represented as a product of an arbitrary time modulating function and a stationary process is proposed. Application of the method is made for the determination of time-dependent variance of response of a quarter-scale physical model of a class of mast antenna structures.

Descriptors :   *Structural mechanics, *Vibration, Nonlinear analysis, Buildings, Degrees of freedom, Structural response, Excitation, Random vibration, Safety

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