Accession Number : ADP003676

Title :   Limitations on the Identification of Discrete Structural Dynamic Models,


Personal Author(s) : Berman,A.

Report Date : 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 9

Abstract : Discrete linear analytical models of continuous structures play an important role in dynamic analysis. A good model will not only predict responses over the frequency range of interest, but will also be representative of the physical charcteristics of the structure. Thus, it will have the capability to predict the effects of changes in physical parameters and it will correctly represent the structure when it is treated as a component of a larger system. A model derived from the known physical parameters of the structure many not adequately predict measured dynamic characteristics. A model derived from dynamic testing may not be a good representation of the physical characteristics of the structure. In recent years, a number of procedures have been suggested and applied which use measured dynamic data to identify an analytical model or to improve an existing model. Few of the methods published have been successfully applied to realistic structures. Rarely has there been any discussion of the physical relationships between an analytical model and test data which tend to limit the application of mathematically correct algebraic relationships. The purpose of this paper is to identify some of these limitations with the objective of directing research in this area in more productive directions.

Descriptors :   *Structural mechanics, *Mathematical models, *Dynamics, Structural properties, Limitations, Dynamic tests, Test methods

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