Accession Number : ADP003680

Title :   The Experimental Measurement of Flexural Wave Power Flow in Structures,


Personal Author(s) : Redman-White,W.

Report Date : 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : When attempting to control vibration in structures, it is often desirable to be able to identify significant paths of vibration transmission from sources through the structure to some point of interest. In pursuance of this objective, consideration of vibration amplitudes at various points is of little help, since stationary waves my be present giving rise to large amplitudes whilst little power is being transmitted. The concept of wave intensity is therefore necessary, and is defined as the power flow per unit width of cross section area (in a uniform plate) and is measurable as a vector quantity at a given point. In beams, where wave propagation is in one dimension only, the power flowing through the total cross section is considered. If it is possible to obtain repeated measurements of intensity at many points on a structure, then a pattern of power flow may be identified. Here, only power carried by flexural waves is considered; this is generally the most important, and is theoretically more difficult to measure than power due to other wave types.

Descriptors :   *Structural mechanics, *Wave analyzers, *Structural engineering, *Vibration, Control, Measurement, Amplitude, Transmissions(Mechanical)

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