Accession Number : ADP003881

Title :   Treatment of Gram-Negative Bacteremia, Endotoxemia, and Shock with Antibody to Core Glycolipid,


Personal Author(s) : Braude,A. I. ; Ziegler,E. J. ; Douglas,H.

Report Date : 29 APR 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 15

Abstract : The purpose of this report is to describe recent observations on the use of intravenous human globulin against core glycolipid in the treatment of experimental Gram-negative bacteremia and endotoxemia. The development of the gamma globulin based on previous studies that demonstrated a sharp reduction in mortality rate in patients treated for Gram-negative bacteremia with intravenous antiserum against core glycolipid in the J5 mutant of Escherichia coli. Since concentrated gamma globulin preparations from pooled hyperimmune J5 human antiserum should give even better protection than antiserum, and offer important advantages with respect to storage and administration, we carried out a series of studies on the safety and effectiveness of intravenous J5 human gamma globulin. We used a gamma globulin preparation containing both IgG and IgM because immunoglobulins can protect against endotoxemia, and IgM appears to be necessary for protection against Gram-negative bacteremia.

Descriptors :   *Bacteremia, *Endotoxemia, *Gram negative bacteria, *Shock(Pathology), Preventive medicine, Therapy, Antibodies, Glycolipids, Gamma globulin, Mice, Rabbits, Symposia

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