Accession Number : ADP004058

Title :   Turbulent Bubbles behind Airfoils and Wings at High Angle of Attack,


Personal Author(s) : Losito,V. ; Torella,G.

Report Date : AUG 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 13

Abstract : More accurate inviscid and viscous flow models are needed for simulating the main features of the turbulent bubbles in the near wakes behind airfoils at high angles of attack. Descriptions of these flows are not sufficiently detailed to allow accurate modelling for the recirculating flow regions. Numerical and wind tunnel experiments are required to ensure convergence criteria and wake closure conditions at different Reynolds numbers. A simple relation is found which correlates the airfoil viscous lift loss with the location of the upper surface separation point and lift predicted in full attached flow conditions. This simple 2-D model has been extended to 3-D wing flows with embedded turbulent bubbles after a set of wind tunnel experiments and oil-flow visualizations. A fast and efficient method is given for predicting spanwise load distribution and C (sub L max) for finite unswept wings. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Wake, *Turbulence, Mathematical models, Recirculation, Bubbles, Wings, Airfoils, Angle of attack, High angles, Aerodynamic lift, Losses, Viscous flow, Wind tunnel tests, Flow separation, Correlation, Three dimensional flow, Potential flow, Turbulent boundary layer, Italy

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