Accession Number : ADP004195

Title :   Reducing Gull Use of Some Attractions Near Airports,


Personal Author(s) : Solman,V. E. F.

Report Date : 25 MAY 1984

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Abstract : Gulls may visit airports to utilize the open space for loafing or other activities. They are more likely to do so if there are attractive feeding areas nearby. One of the more important food attractions, particularly for ring-billed gulls, is that provided by areas in which large volumes of edible refuse (domestic or industrial) are exposed. If gulls can be prevented from feeding in such areas they are much less likely to loaf on neighbouring areas, including airports. Recent work has demonstrated the efficiency of widely space suspended, very fine wires and fine nylon monofilaments in discouraging gull feeding in areas over which the wires (lines) are stretched. The technique does not impose an easily visible physical barrier such as traditionally used at fish hatcheries. The few birds that penetrate under the fine wires (lines), when disturbed, appear to have no difficulty flying up and out through the wires. That is in contrast to the more than 80 percent of birds that will not penetrate the wired area from above to get at the food.

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