Accession Number : ADP004208

Title :   Birds and Airport Agriculture in the Conterminous United States: A Review of Literature,


Personal Author(s) : Sterner,R. T. ; Elias,D. J. ; Garrison,M. V. ; Johns,B. E. ; Kilburn,S. R.

Report Date : 25 MAY 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 11

Abstract : This report is a review and analysis of literature pertinent to the use of airport lands for agriculture in the counterminous United States (U.S.). The paper is based on articles that (1) either document bird utilization of 85 crops or rate the appropriateness of 15 farming activities for airports and (2) identify the North American bird species that utilize these crops and activities. Our review shows that 57 crops were documented as utilized by at least one species; no reports of bird use were found for 28 crops. According to three bird-aviation authorities, only one farming activity (i.e., non-pasture stock farming) is suitable for practice within two miles of the airport center. Altogether, 69 species of birds are reported to damage or utilize agriculture in the U.S. Although numerous reports have designated gulls as the most hazardous species to air traffic, this review indicates that certain species of blackbirds, waterfowl, and gallinaceous birds pose greater hazards-at least on conjunction with airport agriculture.

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