Accession Number : ADP004336

Title :   CIG (Computer Image Generator) Goes to War: The Tactical Illusion,


Personal Author(s) : Howie,J. B. ; Cosman,M. A.

Report Date : SEP 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 16

Abstract : Simulation can play a decisive role in preparing pilots to survive and prevail in such a situation; however, realistic simulation of a complex multi-threat tactical environment has remained an elusive goal of computer generated imagery. Current systems have been unable to present both the quantity and quality of visual cues required to train effectively in all phases of the tactical combat experience. Recent advances in CIG technology have created a system which reaches new levels of realism and effectiveness in such a task. The CT5A system can provide a dense, navigationally specific terrain model of large geographic extent, while providing a substantial reserve of processing capability which can be used to present a rich dynamic environment. Within this environment a number of ground and airborne tactical threats can be simultaneously active. Unique features within the CT5A system allow the orchestration of complex tactical effects such as missiles, cannon, tracers, flak and bomb impacts. Special modeling, shading and coloration strategies allow the presentation of very high fidelity aircraft models to support midair refueling, formation flight and target acquisition/recognition. Many dynamic scene elements can be simultaneously active in both independent and chained motions, with proper occulting and realistic behaviour maintained. We will discuss the various features of the CT5A system which make such simulations possible, and will present dynamic visual examples of these and other tactical scenarios.

Descriptors :   *Flight simulation, Aerial warfare, Display systems, Combat readiness, Tactical warfare, Computer graphics, Pilots, Flight training, Image processing, Illusions, Scenarios, Symposia

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