Accession Number : ADP004351

Title :   Electromagnetic Analysis of Radomes by the Moment Method,


Personal Author(s) : Tricoles,G. ; Rope,E. L. ; Hayward,R. A.

Report Date : 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : The electromagnetic performance of radomes is usually analyzed approximately by ray tracing, surface integration, or angular spectra. A significant approximation is that the radome is locally flat, and transmittance at a point is described by a set of flat sheets of infinite extent. This approximation is significant in the analysis of wave polarization dependence of boresight error, especially near the shadow of a tip where the surface normal direction varies rapidly because of circumferential curvature. This paper describes calculations for hollow wedges; these are based on a theory of J. H. Richmond for hollow cylinders of arbitrary shape. The paper also gives a new theory for hollow cones and circular rings, and it compares computed and measured phase and intensity values for a cone and a ring.

Descriptors :   *Radomes, *Electromagnetism, Angles, Spectra, Circular, Rings, Electromagnetic properties, Performance(Engineering), Cylindrical bodies, Intensity, Value, Theory, Integration, Surfaces, Boresighting, Errors, Wedges, Moments, Ray tracing, Polarization, Waves

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