Accession Number : ADP004424

Title :   Current Status of Immunotherapy,

Corporate Author : CINCINNATI UNIV OH

Personal Author(s) : Alexander,J. W.

Report Date : 21 JAN 1983

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Abstract : Immunomodulators are a group of drugs which alter immune function. These agents first became of interest for clinical use in patients bearing malignant disease, since it was felt they could stimulate resistance to the growth of cancer. However, during the past decade, there has been an increasing awareness that they may be of more benefit for the prevention of infection. In fact, numerous agents are now available which clearly stimulate host resistance against infection in experimental animals. The primary beneficial effects of such agents may be in the immunodepressed type of immunocompromised host, such as may occur with malnutrition, infection, severe trauma, burns and in the aged. These conditions except for altered nutrition and extreme old age, are often associated with chronic complement activation triggered by the presence of infection or devitalized tissues.


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