Accession Number : ADP005183

Title :   Intelligent Soldering of Printed Circuits and Assemblies,

Corporate Author : ZEVA G M B H AROLSEN (GERMANY F R)

Personal Author(s) : Paschschwoell,Heino

Report Date : FEB 1987

Pagination or Media Count : 5

Abstract : Miniaturized components are being used to an increasing degree on flat assemblies such as printed circuits and substrates. At the same time, the reliability of the components is increasing considerably. This leads to a further increase in the degree of integration on the assemblies. A single assembly contains, in addition to the high-integrated circuits, SMDs, terminals for the supply voltage, plug connectors and solid heat sinks. The result of this is that the widths and spacing of the printed wiring vary considerably. Such assemblies with mixed components can generally be processed in existing soldering systems only with standard parameters of a basic setting. The resolution and the sequency of the soldering processes are also extremely limited in the soldering systems available today, which operate with a memory-programmed control (microprocessor). Even if the parameters are displayed on monitors, then this is only a variation of the display of operating states, and not a genuine control system. A selective machine system in which all parameters of the procedure (transport, flux application, drying, soldering, etc.) can be matched ideally to the individual prerequisites is necessary for minimization of errors in existing and future assemblies with mixed components and for automation of soldering tasks.


Subject Categories : Mfg & Industrial Eng & Control of Product Sys
      Couplers, Fasteners, and Joints
      Electrical and Electronic Equipment

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